Right Place at the Right Time and with a Camera in Hand

September 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

frog 11_pfrog 11_pLittle green tree frog on American flag This one image pretty much sums up what photography is all about. It's about being ready for the right moment. I've already mentioned this in my post about what the best camera is, and this one image is a perfect example of that.

It's no secret that many of my images were taken with my cell phone and this is no exception. I had walked across the street to check on a neighbor's house while they were out of town and noticed that their flag banner in their yard had been flipped over by the wind. I reached down to flip it back over only to reveal a little green tree frog had been hiding under the fold.

I immediately pulled out my cell phone and snapped a couple of shots before a cicada flew in and chased away the frog - and then flew away. In just a few seconds the scene was totally different and unworthy of a photo.

When I got back to my house and viewed the few images I managed to grab, I picked one out and did a few basic edits, mostly making the background a little less obvious. In just a few minutes I had a nice shot, totally appropriate for the Memorial Day weekend it was.

Next time you are shopping for a cell phone, consider the camera as one of the most important features since it's likely to be more readily available than any of your other cameras.


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